Unique remedy for your hair

Kydra by Phyto products are unique, because they are composed from an extensive knowledge and experience in the segment of natural cosmetics development. Over 30 years, PHYTOSOLBA laboratory researchers, are studying and selecting plants with the most active healing powers for giving hairhealth,natural beauty and shine.

Plant research at
PHYTOSOLBA LABORATORIES currently uses PHYTOCOMPLEX3 in the majority of its formulas for a complete gentle hair care that do not compromise on performance. For a more intense experience, KYDRA by PHYTO products have to be combined with Elixir d’Alès, 99% natural oil. As a natural source of beauty, it deeply revitalizes the hair fiber and brings out hair’s natural beauty.

This is unique remedy for your
hair that simultaneously gives your hair smooth tone,extremely
natural shine and special care.
All-natural cocktails with light reflecting particles that moisturize your hair from inside , fill them with nutrients and will give an extremely bright and saturated shade of colored hair .

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