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Why Best Brands

We specialize in the distribution of professional beauty products for retail and consumer use, as well as cutting-edge automotive products. With almost 20 years of experience in the distribution business across Europe, we are proud to offer products that truly raise the bar within both the beauty and automotive industries.

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Partnership is at the heart of every successful business. We believe in win-win solutions, and so collaborating with us gives you great opportunities, which include:
- Access to distinguished premium brands which guarantee high profits as part of your portfolio
- Overall support for growing your business
- A full logistics service powered through three supply centers


At Best Brands, we care about women’s wellbeing and the boost in self-esteem and efficiency that the right tools can deliver. This is why our brands guarantee the best quality within consumer hair and skin products. From the most sophisticated yet gentle chemical treatments, to styling tools for different hair types, to nourishing, cleansing skincare – we have it all.


Our leading portfolio of automotive products responds to the technical challenges of today’s automotive industry. Incorporating the latest developments and technologies, our brands provenly perform and protect vehicles better than any others on the market.


It is of great importance for us to provide our clients and sub-distributors with essential trainings to keep them up to date - not only with all the technical specifics of the products, but also to support them when devising Sales & Marketing strategies. In addition, we have developed a variety of trainings dedicated to hair salon owners, such as one-on-one sessions, on-site brand ambassador visits, consultation on how to expand your business, as well as Sales & Marketing strategy and development.


In order to enable more salons and beauty professionals to feel at home with our products, we regularly stream regular webinars out of our HQ, demonstrating how our hair color products and high-end technical equipment delivers the richest shades and most striking results for clients. We offer this unique opportunity in the beauty industry to empower more people to join us and understand our brands, latest trends and current techniques.

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